About Me

315867_2278832523748_1963037108_nA 21 year old passionate sports fanatic who spends way more watching sports then he probably should be. I am Fan first and blogger second. Currently I am a student attending UW-Oshkosh majoring in Interactive Web Management and a emphasis in sales. I am a sports junky, so if you want more news on not only pitching, but baseball, football, and other sports, follow me on Twitter @DieHardBucFan40. 95% of things I tweet about are sports related and 75% of who I follow are players, teams, writers and networks. A little more about me, I love watching and collecting movies and am a TV addict. I spend a lot of time working out side in the yard, it is where I go relax and enjoy the outdoors. I love to travel America and doing it by tuck and campers. I have grown up in the back of a pick-up truck seeing 32 of the 50 states and there is no other way I would have rather of done it.