AL Cy Young Motoring Into The Motor City

The AL Cy Young appears all but certain to be heading back to Detroit for the second time in three years.  This time it will not be Justin Verlander taking home the hardware, it will be Max Scherzer, the right-handed starting pitcher instead. Out of all the pitchers in the AL, Scherzer had the most complete and dominate 2013 season.

Inside The Numbers


Innings Pitched





 240  214.1  21  0.97  2.90  6.7
 2nd in the AL  T-5th in the AL  1st in the AL  1st in the AL  5th in the AL  3rd in the AL

When first looking at Scherzer’s numbers, the stat the pop’s out the most is his 21 wins. His 21 wins are the most wins in all of baseball in 2013 and two more than the closest pitcher. Any pitcher that reaches 20 plus wins is reaching a milestone considering that Scherzer is only the 14th pitcher since 2009 to reach 20 plus wins.  Even if you were to take out Scherzer’s impressive number of wins, he is still deserving of the AL Cy Young. As Ken Rosenthal of points out he is first in WHIP, second in strikeouts and in the top five for all other major pitching statistical categories. In a sport based a lot on stats, his stats sure do talk for themselves and prove why he is the best pitcher in AL for the 2013 season.

Over Shadowed

Scherzer is deserving of the 2013 AL Cy Young and he should win it, but people are still tying to find reasons as to why he shouldn’t be the most deserving. A lot of fans still don’t really know who he is, so why should he win it if people don’t know who he is. Scherzer is constantly over shadowed by other stars on his team by the likes of Prince FielderMiguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander who are the well known, high paid players who put up big numbers and put on great performances and get all the highlights on ESPN. In their shadow Scherzer quietly put together the best season of any pitcher in the AL. If people stop, look and pay attention to the season he had, the reasons as to why he should not win will disappear.